"Discovery and composition in art and science, and of course in all acts of life, follow from opening oneself up to chance."
Fairfield Porter

Here's a quick overview of what my course is about:

I started the "A Painting a Day" movement in 2004 and I've learned a great deal about what it is to paint within the confines of a moment. This course lays out what I believe are the fundamentals of premier coup painting (one-session painting) as I've come to understand them through thirty-five years of painting and teaching. 

What's in the Course

The Course Video:

The video is the foundation of the course. It includes:

 A brief talk on the history of premier coup painting and what premier coup painting is and what I believe it can be. 

I'll introduce you to my three tried and true exercises I've refined over the years. The first one is about the gesture and is designed to get you thinking with your brush and to paint instinctively and openly. The second exercise is slower and more methodical. It focuses on finding the essential notes of color within a scene and how to carefully weigh them in relation to one another. The third exercise essentially combines the two together. 

The Mini Lessons

There are over a dozen concise video/audio lessons that focus on some of the specific challenges you'll be facing during your daily painting project. Here are a few:

Thinking with Your Brush
Matters of Subject
Constructive Destruction
On Practice
Painting in the Digital Age
--and many more

The Demos

Several demos are included and downloadable. Some have commentary and others let you look over my shoulder as I make a painting from beginning to end:

and here's an excerpt from my course on how to see color better:

The "A Painting a Day" Challenge Exhibition

After you've gone through the exercises included in the course video, you'll make a painting each day for 30 days (and view or listen to my mini-lessons along the way.)  If you choose, you can add your work to my online exhibit of student work. 

I want to be perfectly clear-- this is NOT a step-by-step "how-to" course. What I do in this course is pass along to you some of the essential insights about premier coup painting that I've learned through my own painting and teaching. In the end, those insights can't simply be downloaded-- they have to be practiced!


You will need:

-the basic materials for painting (easel, palette, brushes, paints, solvent, etc) Here's a list of the materials I use and recommend, otherwise you can use what you already have:

-a computer, tablet, or phone and a decent internet connection


can I use acrylic paints? yes
can I use my own materials? yes
can I download the course material? yes

Again, this course is downloadable, so you can begin whenever you want and have it to use in the future. 

1.) Once you buy the course, you'll watch the main video and do the course exercises. 

2.) Start your 30-day "A Painting a Day" Challenge.

3.) If you want, add your painting to my online "A Painting a Day" exhibit. 

The entire course (the video, lessons, demos- all downloadable) and participation in the online exhibit is:


As soon as you've signed up for the course, you'll get an email (it may take several minutes) with instructions on how to create your sign-in credentials and access the member's area where you will find everything you need. 

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